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Mission and Service

The Place of Miracles…


The August 13 Sunday Times Dispatch had a big article on what was going on with poverty in the Jefferson Davis corridor.  They mentioned an organization called The Place of Miracles that is located in an old diner next to the American Motor Inn hotel.  I decided to visit them mid-August.

I met Mike Morgan.  He and his wife Melissa operate The Place of Miracles.  All their funds are donated by many individuals and organizations including local grocery stores and even motorcycle clubs like “Hells Angels”.  This operation feeds the poor a couple of times during the week, provides back packs for kids similar our bright beginnings program and numerous other services.  It is an amazing community outreach.

Their website lists things that can be donated.  I took all the grocery bags we had, a group of prayer and Bible study books and donated my $33.00.  It was just a small donation, but Mike said every little bit helps.  He was inspirational.

I am going to bring The Place of Miracles to the attention of the Outreach Ministry Team.  I hope we can somehow expand our food serving ministry that serves that community to help The Place of Miracles.

-Scott Lau

God is Innovative!
God is a designer…a master architect. God is nudging on all of our lives to be in better relationship with one another, working to create structures and find synergies between ministries that help aid God’s ultimate plan.

Do you have a story of God’s innovative hand in your life to share?

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Providing the hope of Christ with others…


Last week Gary called the city of Virginia Beach about a clogged street drain because rain water has been backing up into our garage. Today, around 9:00 am, I noticed a city truck out front so I went to see if they were there for the storm drain.

A man rolled down the window and said “no ma’am, I am here about the water line”.  So that is how I met Marcus.

He proceeds to tell me his “testimony ” as he called it.

In 2008, he left a sports bar in Virginia Beach with a friend.   He did not drink that night, but had dinner with his friend. She drove him back to his car, which was in a church parking lot. From the time he got out of her car and walked to his truck, a 19 year old guy came out of the woods, and was in his face with a gun to rob him.  He was shot 8 times at point blank range. Bullets in his arm broke the arm, exited and went through his abdomen. His friend didn’t know how to get to the hospital, so he drove himself.

The doctor that treated him said in 35 years he had never seen anything like it. How could he drive himself and survive?  All throughout this story, Marcus said that he thanks God every day for everything in his life. He said it over and over.

It took a year for his case to go to trial.  Meanwhile his mom helped him recover. He said he has had anesthesia 18 times. He has plates here and here, etc,etc.  He can use his arm with some limitations, and is able to work. He said that he could go on disability but has time on his hands. He’s not married and has no children. He is 45 years old.

At the trial, the shooter said that “he just wanted to rob somebody”.  Marcus said “he was willing to take my life. I wasn’t doing anything.”  He told the judge that he was never in trouble. He was his mother’s only son, and he could not disappoint his mother.

The shooter got an 80 year sentence.

Marcus said, “At the trial I forgave him.”

I thanked him for sharing his story and encouraged him to keep telling it to others, especially kids.

So back to 33 days, $33.

He told me that he would like to own a house someday…even if it is a HUD house. He’s worked for everything he has. His dad was in the military, and his mom ran a store in Portsmouth, VA for 20 years.

So I asked him to wait a minute and he agreed. I came into the house and found my $33.00, put it into an envelope marked-

July 26, 2017,

I told him about $33 in 33 and he teared up and thanked me.

I thought that you would enjoy this story.

What an encounter,
Janet Sypolt


It’s about Intentionality…

While $33 won’t buy Marcus his home, God placed Janet in a position to provide Marcus something greater…hope through conversation and action.
Are you curious about what God may be calling you to?

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