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For twenty-four years, “The Lenten Journey,” has been a blessing and comfort to our Westminster Canterbury Richmond community—and to the Richmond area. Our staff and residents have stories to tell, faith to share, thoughts to ponder, and challenges to issue. The Lenten Journey is a place where that can happen.

The submissions for this edition were written last Fall. Never before has a year in our lifetimes been so “Lenten,” or as “Advent,” for that matter, as 2020. Our journeys have been tough, and yet there has been joy. We have walked down a very unknown path, and yet we know that Jesus Christ journeys with us and is showing us the way. Lent 2020 was when the world
screeched to a startling halt, our knuckles white from holding on. Lent 2021 is our declaration of hope: that we are always moving toward fulfillment, toward redemption, toward new life.

May this year’s Lenten Journey draw you into a new world of expectation and deepened faith—a world where death is defeated, and new life made real.

– Rev. Dr. Lynn McClintock,