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Advent Words for Day 20 – GOOD NEWS 

Blow the trumpet in Zion;

sound the alarm on my holy hill.

Let all who live in the land tremble,

for the day of the Lord is coming.

It is close at hand.

Come, let us worship God.

—based on Joel 2:1, NIV


 O God,

you have given us the sure promise that Jesus will return to judge the earth.

Make us ready, we pray, for his royal coming,

that we may consider daily what sort of people we ought to be,

and be found faithful servants waiting and working for our Master’s return.

Grant in your mercy that many may be won for him before he comes,

and make us bold in our witness until that day,

whether he comes at midnight, or at dawn, or in the daytime.

For his name’s sake. Amen.