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Beyond Sundays is a Christian Education & Discipleship Ministry opportunity to take discipleship outside the church walls throughout the week. These self-generated faith formation ministries, such as Bible studies, mission-focused groups, or interest groups, are open to the Salisbury Presbyterian Church congregation and the greater community. If you would like more information about offering a study or group through the Christian Education & Discipleship ministry team, or you would like to feel your way through what something might look like, please contact Dan Wiard at the church.

Journey to a Healthier Life: The Daniel Plan

“Community has the power to change our overall health more than any doctor or clinic. What you do with your body sets the tone for everything else.  Physical health influences your mental health, and even your financial health.”- Rick Warren, from the book, The Daniel Plan.

Join me on a 40 day journey to a healthier life! The Daniel Plan is more than a diet.  “It is a lifestyle program based on biblical principles and five essential components: Food, Fitness, Focus, Faith and Friends.”

We can have one or more small groups in this study to support each other on this journey. I can lead a day time or evening small group, or both.  The website http://www.danielplan.com/has everything we need to be successful!  There is an App!  There is a Facebook page!  It’s on Instagram! And of course there are books, study guides, journals and a daily devotional.

If you need to loose a few or more pounds, if you need to cut back on vices or drop bad habits, or if you just need to work at keeping God first in your life, join me on this journey to a well balanced life led by God and supported by each other.  Contact me at kap.sailor@gmail.com, 804-539-2320 or the church office if you are interested in joining a study group to go on a 40 day journey to a healthier life.

Beyond Sundays: What Is The Bible?

Rob Bell wants us to read the Bible in a whole new way.  Because Jesus lived in a 1st Century Jewish world of politics and economics, common stories and inside jokes, Bell believes the more we know about that world, the more Jesus and His message will come to life.  This Beyond Sunday small group will discuss this provocative way of reading the Bible with our eyes opened wide to the “background and hints and meaning and innuendo and humor and tension and history” behind the Bible stories and figures that we have known since childhood. Mondays, 7-8:15 p.m. September 17 – November 5, 2018.  This event is hosted outside the church, for more information please contact Dan Wiard.

W.I.L.D. (Women in Loving Discipleship)

A women’s Bible Study for busy moms raising children.  Come join us on a Wednesday nights for fellowship, fun, God’s Word, and some time with just the girls.  If you would like more details or to be added to the Evite, please contact Julie Nobles, Catherine Boone, or Susan Chappell.  Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Bible 101

Interested to learn more about the Bible, but not sure where to start?  You’re not alone–it’s a great question for the curious.  Join us for a monthly Bible study aimed at giving a broad overview of the Bible’s history, themes, and application to our lives right now.  Meets the first Friday morning of each month–contact tessaschuman@gmail.com for details.

Presbyterian Men

Wednesday Breakfast Bunch of Deeper Roots Ministry meets on the first Wednesday of the month (7:00 a.m. American Diner) for fellowship, conversation, and study.  Friends are welcome.  Contact Scott Lau for information.

Early Risers Men’s Bible Study meets on Thursday mornings for breakfast and study (6:00 a.m., Fellowship Hall)

The Deeper Roots Ministry Men’s Lunch meets the second Wednesday of the month, 1:00 p.m., at Tavern 19 at Independence Golf Club. It is an opportunity to learn more about fellow church members, to meet ones you do not yet know, and to discover a new, good book. All men of the church are invited. Bring a friend. Contact Mike Paulette to RSVP.

Women’s Fellowship Circle

Second Wednesday pf the month (10:00 a.m., F&E 206); Prayer Shawl Circle – 4th Wednesday of the month (10:00 a.m., F&E 206)