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Congregational Care has many ministries, each of which provide opportunities for caring for each other and showing the love of Christ.  Here are some of those ministries:

Prayer Team: Our prayer team captain receives prayer requests, usually by email, and sends them out to the members of our prayer team. These prayers are lifted up in confidence among our prayer team.  Captain: Martha Gibby Co-Captain: Scottie Woody

Weekly Prayer List: A prayer list of joys and concerns of our church family is compiled weekly and provides prayer requests that the entire congregation may lift up collectively and confidently.

Visitation/Telecare: We visit and/or call the folks on our visitation list or others who are either homebound, reside at assisted living facilities, in the hospital, ill, or simply in need of Christian companionship. Chairperson: Gay Kistler

Loaves and Fishes: We provide a home cooked meal to those in need following surgery, an illness, bereavement, or any other situation of need. Chairperson: Slim Nance

Sharing Sunshine: We take the flowers used during the Sunday worship service and assemble bouquets to those in need of some friendly "sunshine".  Chairperson: Julie Blankenship

Care and Concern Cards: We send a card to those in need of comfort.  Chairperson: Barbara Lucas

Funeral Guild: We provide assistance to grieving families and the minister(s) in the event of a death of a church member by helping with the funeral or memorial service.  Chairperson: Delora Stites

Bereavement Receptions: We plan and provide receptions here at our church following the services of the Witness to the Resurrection held in our sanctuary: Chairperson: Delora Stites

Extended Communion: We provide communion to homebound members after the 11:00am worship service on Communion Sundays. Officers go out in pairs to serve Communion on these Sundays.  Chairperson: Jeannine Tate

Newborn Gifts: We provide a small gift to babies born into our church family.