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Salisbury Presbyterian Church is moving to a new kind of record keeping solution called Realm. It primarily serves the administrative needs of our staff, but it also offers some exciting opportunities to support the way you are involved. Not only will this improve work life for our ministry staff, it will make it easier for our church family to connect with each other, keep up with what’s going on, and grow as a connected community of believers.

Let’s Connect!

Sign in to your Realm account HERE.

Stay connected to our church wherever you go by downloading the free Realm Connect app for Apple and Android devices. Use it to communicate with your groups and teams, RSVP to events, manage your giving, update profile information, and more. It makes it easier for us to connect throughout the week and know what’s happening.

  • News— Keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest posts, photos, and events for your groups and teams
  • Posts— Post messages to your group and comment on posts by others in your group or team
  • Photos— Capture your moments together and share them with your group or team
  • Events— See event details, submit your RSVP, and sign up to bring something
  • Files— Access your group or team’s shared files
  • Chat— Send your enire group, team, or select individuals, a chat that starts a conversation
  • Inbox— Group or team leaders can send an email message to the entire group, team, or select individuals
  • Participants— See names and basic profile details for the people in your group or team, based on their privacy preferences
  • Notification Settings— Manage your preferences for group and team notifications and emails

Scan the QR Code with your phone to be directed to the Realm Connect app download:

Your Realm Profile

Everyone in our church gets a unique profile. Your profile contains everything you want people to know about you. Your profile also enables you to join a small group, RSVP to events, track your giving, update your contact information, change family details, set notification preferences, or replace that outdated family photo.

By keeping your information current, you are helping our staff, group leaders, and our church community. Your Profile includes:

  • Contact Information* (e.g. name, address, email, phone)
  • Photo
  • Family Members
  • Personal Information (e.g. marital status, birthday**, etc.)
  • Connected Social Media accounts

*You can decide later what data you want to hide online by setting your privacy preferences.

**Feel free to enter your full birthday. The year and your age will not be displayed on your church directory profile.

Manage Your Skills & Interests (Time & Talent)

What are your strengths? Let us know your skills and interests – we’ll use this information for future volunteer opportunities at Salisbury Presbyterian Church.

You can manage your volunteer skills and interests. On the serving overview page, you can view and manage your skills and interests. These help team leaders know what kind of roles best fit you.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Connect. Then click Serving.
  2. In Your Serving Profile, select the Skills and Interests blue button.
  3. Select your skills. You can also deselect skills to remove them.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the areas that interest you. You can also clear interests to remove them.
  6. Click Done.

Manage Your Giving

Giving should be easy, and Realm places giving right in the palm of your hands. Review your giving history or make new donations online or on your mobile phone. Sign in to look over your year-to-date giving, check pledge progress, print a contribution statement, or make a new one-time or recurring donation. It’s always available and kept secure in an online environment.

Ways to Give

No matter how you choose to give toward our ministry, you can review all of your giving history online anytime.

In Person
We take an offering at each Sunday worship gathering.

One time Gifts:

  1. Visit onrealm.org/SalisburyPresby
  2. Add the amount you would like to give. 
  3. Select the fund you would like to give to. 
  4. Choose + Another Fund to add a gift to a second fund if you would like. 
  5. Choose Give Once and select your gift date. 
  6. Enter your email address. If you already have a Realm account, you will be prompted to enter  your password. If you don’t have a Realm account, you can continue with your online gift. 
  7. Enter your Credit/Debit or Bank Account information.  
  8. Select Save for Future Use to make online giving quicker next time. 
  9. Select Contribute an extra $ to help offset processing costs to help cover the transaction fees the church pays to process online gifts. 
  10. Click Give in the bottom right to complete your gift. 

Create a recurring gift:

  1. Visit
  2. Add the amount you would like to give on a recurring basis.
  3. Select the fund you would like to give to.
  4. Choose + Another Fund to add a recurring gift to a second fund if you would like.
  5. Choose Give Multiple Times and select how often you would like to give.
  6. Select your Start Date and End Date.
  7. Enter your email address. If you already have a Realm account, you will be prompted to enter
    your password. If you don’t have a Realm account, you can continue with your online gift.
  8. Enter your Credit/Debit or Bank Account information.
  9. Select Contribute an extra $ to help offset processing costs to help cover the transaction fees
    the church pays to process online gifts.
  10. Click Give in the bottom right to complete setting up your recurring giving.

Download the free Realm Connect app (Apple / Android)

  1. Open the Realm Connect mobile app and log in.
  2. Click on Giving in the bottom menu.
  3. Select Make a Gift.
  4. Complete the online giving form as you would for an online gift. You can also make a recurring gift

Click HERE for help setting up your pledge.

  1. Log-in to your Realm account
  2. Select Giving in the main menu.
  3. Click + Pledge, enter your pledge information.
  4. Enter the amount you want to pledge per period. Your pledge total displays at the bottom.
  5. Select the frequency at which you want to pledge.
  6. Click Save Pledge.

Requires a unique keyword for our church.

  1. Text GiveSPC to 73256 on your smart phone.
  2. You’ll receive a text back with a link. Click that link.
  3. Our online giving form will open in your mobile browser.
  4. Complete the giving form just as you would make an online gift. You can also make a recurring gift.

Stock Transfer
Click HERE for stock transfer instructions.

Giving from your church profile
Giving as a church guest

Register for an Event

View upcoming church events and register for the ones you’d like to attend. If an event’s registration requires payment, you’ll see its cost, any required deposit amount, acceptable forms of payment, and its no-refund date, if applicable. You can also manage your active registrations and see any outstanding balances.

Notes About Privacy

Your privacy is one of our greatest concerns. Realm is only made up of the people in your church, it’s not like a social network that’s open to everyone. Realm keeps your data safe and gives you control over what information you share and who can see it.

Your Information is your Information

  1. You have complete control over who can see your contact and personal information.
  2. Contact information is never public or searchable on the Internet. Any information you elect to make visible to your church family is always protected behind a login.
  3. Authorized users will always have access to your profile information.
  4. You and certain authorized users may update your profile information. In some cases, your group leader may update your contact information if you have made it visible to group leaders.
  5. For safety reasons, sharing contact and personal information for children under 18 is limited. Parents determine whether or not to display their child’s name in the church directory.
  6. Children under 13 may not participate and will not be able to sign in.

What People May See

By default, the viewing of your contact and personal information is limited to members of groups you are in, group leaders, users with permission, and administrators. If you choose to, however, you can make your information visible to the entire church. But if you prefer to be more private, you can customize how people see specific information.

  • Contact information: Name, Address, Phones, and Email.
  • Personal Information: Marital Status, Family Position, Member Status, but you also have the option of sharing your birthday, gender, allergy information, and skills with people in your church.

*If you are a group leader or host an event, certain contact information may be visible regardless of the settings you choose.

Privacy Settings

  • Everyone— Like a church directory listing, everyone in our church will be able to see whatever profile information is marked as visible to everyone.
  • My Groups + Group Leaders + Users with Permission— This setting means information will only be shared with the people you are involved with at church. This is the default setting.
  • Group Leaders + Users with Permission— You would use this setting if you wanted to keep some profile information hidden from anyone who is not a group leader or a user with permission to view profiles.
  • Users with Permission Only— This setting effectively removes you from the church directory. Your information will only be available to authorized users.**
  • Custom Privacy—Choose different privacy levels for specific contact fields and personal information. You can do this in two places: when you edit your profile information or when you manage your privacy settings.***

**While you can hide the majority of your information from most of your church, you should know that, regardless of your settings, contact data will still be visible to certain people who work in our church.

***The Directory page shows all individuals who have a login, along with individuals without a login who have been opted-in to the directory. Currently, individuals with a login cannot opt out of being listed in the directory.

Family Privacy

A family member with a primary position such as “Head” or “Spouse” can change privacy settings for other members of the family and opt family members into the church directory. Birthdays are required for children (as a means to prohibit access), but it’s up to you if you want to share the birth date with your church family.

Need a login? Contact our church office.