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SPC Fellowship is thrilled to announce a new opportunity within our church. Single adults and married couples of all ages are encouraged to sign up to be placed in small dinner groups that will meet four to six times throughout the year. The Fellowship Team will create the small groups of no more than eight people per group and assign a leader for each group. Then it’s up to your group to schedule dinners or activities to get to know each of your members. You can have dinner at your home (you provide the main dish, everyone else provides the rest of the meal) you can go to brunch after church, or choose to meet at a local restaurant. The purpose of this fellowship opportunity is to develop relationships with folks of all ages in the church.   

1. I’m single. Can I still sign up? Absolutely yes!
2. My home isn’t large enough to host eight people for dinner.  What do I do? You can invite your group to meet at a local restaurant for dinner and you pay for an appetizer or two. Then everyone pays for their own dinner and beverages.
3. I want to form a group with my best friends. Is that allowed? Actually, it isn’t. The purpose is for church members to get to know others throughout the church.
4. I travel a lot on the weekends. Can I sign up for a sub list? Yes – that’s a great idea!
5. Why do we need leaders for our group? The leaders are responsible for hosting the first dinner and making the schedule of who hosts when. They will also gently encourage the host to organize their dinner/activity, if needed.
6. Do we have to meet over the summer? Not at all! We’d like you to meet four to six times throughout the year, but it’s up to your group to plan the year at your first dinner, deciding what nights and months you will meet.

7. Are our children allowed to join us for dinner? No. This is an adults-only fellowship activity as alcohol may be served at dinner. 

8. Do we need to plan a dinner in December? No, you do not. We’re going to end the year with a cocktail party for all small group participants at the home of Roy and Charlotte Grier. The date and details will be announced in the fall.

We hope you enjoy this new fellowship opportunity at SPC! Sign up HERE, by email, or by calling the church office at 794-5311. Please note during the registration process, you’re able to register as a “solo adult, 1 half of a couple, or to be added to the sub list“. The registration deadline is February 29, with groups established and announced the first week of March.