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Habitat for Humanity – an opportunity to volunteer and enjoy fellowship

To learn more about Habitat or if you have questions, contact co-chairs Gina Ahern or Scott Lau, or volunteer directly at Richmond Habitat for Humanity. News, photos and updates can now be viewed on the bulletin board on the ramp up to the Narthex. You can also sign up or indicate your interest in builds or Restore by dropping a sign-up card in the bucket hanging from the bulletin board.

Bucket Brigade 2020

What is the Bucket Brigade Program? The SPC Foundation has committed to donate $2,500 to Richmond Habitat in addition to our budgeted contribution from the Outreach Ministry Team. But it comes with a challenge – we want to increase volunteer participation! As a congregation we seek to add 10 new volunteers to our build teams and complete 6 builds; we also hope to add 4 new volunteers to our Restore teams and complete at least 4 Restore dates. Together – we can do this!

When are the build dates? They are on Saturday, February 22, Saturday, April 25 (One Great Salisbury Weekend), Friday, May 22, Saturday, July 25, Saturday, September 26 and Saturday, October 31.
When are the Restore dates? They are February 29 (closed with 4 volunteers!), Saturday, April 25 (One Great Salisbury Weekend), Thursday, May 21, and Saturday, June 20.

We had a fabulous launch of Bucket Brigade on Sunday, January 12. Mary Kay Huss, CEO, and Ginger O’Neil, Faith Coordinator, from Richmond Habitat helped up introduce Bucket Brigade at both services, the fellowship breakfast and at the International class. We felt a lot of energy and enthusiasm from the congregation. To view what Mary Kay presented, click HERE.

Make sure to check out the T-shirt displayed on the bulletin board. Every Habitat volunteer this year, whether you have volunteered in the past or are a part of the new group of volunteers, will receive a Bucket Brigade T-shirt. Wear your shirt around the church when it is appropriate to help us generate enthusiasm for the program.

The Bucket Brigade program offers the congregation opportunities for volunteer service combined with great fellowship. We encourage each discipleship class to consider leading or participating in a build or Restore project this year.


The first build is February 22. Please sign up as soon as possible. 8 volunteers are needed. Contact Gina at  or Scott. If your discipleship class is interested in leading this build, let us know!


The next available ReStore work day is April 25th, One Great Day of Service.

If you have donations for Restore you can deliver the at any time, but Habitat will also pick up! Check the link, Restore Pickup, for a list of acceptable items and pick up details. Visit the Mall Drive location when you are in the area – you may well find something you need!