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In this ever expanding and amazing universe
A Soul — 
An unattached, non-corporeal, free and timeless creative power
Is given
Human baby body.
Confining, dependent, vulnerable.

Given TIME.
Very particular, limited time —
Expectant, star-filled, bloody time.
No form becomes human form.

What privilege is this
[a tiny slice of time carved out of the eternal I AM]
To know the finite within the infinite;
To be limited by a “here” and a “now”
Of pain and pleasure
On this bi-polar Earth!
What privilege (mine!) this hair’s breadth of time!
Moving from the womb of God,
Content, secure, unconscious knowing
To jarring, disorienting, messy, noise-filled, beautiful, ugly, sensory-overloaded
It is a near total eclipse 
hiding all but a sliver of divine origins.

Except for One
Who came and comes 
Knowing his Wherefrom and Whereto
Reminding all our corporeal, incarnate selves:
before, behind, from, to, in all, through all,

The blazing star, uneclipsed, catches the imagination of the wise.
Music in the air overwhelms the ears of those used only to bleating. 
Peace to all of Goodwill — of Godwill!

– MKS, 2020