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Everytime I get in my car, the radio is on.  Whether its on country, 80’s/90’s, rock, or the latest pop/rap, music is always playing in my car.  I actually detest the morning drive in because its hard to find a station where they’re not talking.  I am one of those who does not listen to the radio to hear someone talk, but to listen to music, and if no one is in the car with me, sing along as loud as I can.

Lyrics to a song can be uplifting and make you feel like the performer knows exactly what you’re going through.  Then there are the songs that talk about how California girls are undeniable or how I wish my girl would kiss me through the phone.  Now maybe I’m just out of touch, but I kind of laugh out loud when I hear some of these lyrics.  I’ll be the first to admit however that I find myself singing about California girls at the most random times during my day.  They are catchy.

One song in particular that I hear just about every week if not every day, has taken the same route as many other lyricists by singing about how we need to live like this was our last day on earth, to live like we were dying. Kris Allen sings about how we need to live like we’re dying.  I started really thinking about this, and it started to depress me.  Why not live because we’re alive?  Why does it have to always be about the amount of time we have left?  Now I know when people are put in tragic situations where they are not going to live much longer will all of a sudden snap into it and start loving more and doing more.  And I think this can be a beautiful experience.  They start really seeing the world around them and loving it to the fullest.  But why do those of us not faced in such situations have to think that today may be our last?  Can’t we simply live life to the fullest because we are alive?  I don’t cherish this life and try and spend as much time as I can with my husband because I know that I could die at any moment, I treat life as such because I am alive.

I’d love to hear a song one day that sings about living because we’re alive!  Taking everything in, smiling more, loving more, and living more; not because we’re dying, but because we’re alive!