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This is a summary of the Session meeting held on May 20, 2018

Items discussed by the session of general interest include:

  • The church finance continue to improve and all ministries are doing well in managing their budgets.
  • Building and Grounds are working on a permanent fix to the plumbing problems that have affected the Narthex bathroom.
  • James Walker, SPC’s Custodian for over 10 years, will retire in June.
  • Session approved a subscription to online curriculum and teaching materials that can be used by all teachers as well as the congregation at home.
  • Session approved the Chancel Choir Concert Tour in Scotland June of 2019. The trip is self-funded for those that want to go.
  • The Youth ministry together with Pastor King will proceed with patience to determine what will be best for long-term solution as far as Youth Ministry leadership.
  • A new Beyond Sunday’s class will start June 18 th titled “Road Trip”. The class will be held at the home of Dan and Lynn Wiard.
  • The Youth Choir will go on Tour in New York City June 16 – 20.

We ask all members to continue to pray for your Session, the staff and our church family that we will all seek to continue to respond to the love God has given us in Jesus, our Christ. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of your Elders or Reverend King.

Respectfully submitted,
Wendy Burchard, Clerk of Session