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A stated meeting of the session was held on August 18, 2019.  Topics of general interest include:

  • The Administration Ministry shared that they are formalizing the Annual Review process for church employees.  Elder Walt Coleman also shared they are working with the APNC as they search for the associate pastors we need.
  • Building & Grounds noted several projects are underway and will soon be complete.  Finished projects include brick work to the porch, walkway and the memorial garden.  Elder Luke Turner said repairs to the memorial fountain will be addressed at a later time.  He also shared that the exterior of the A&E building needs paint, and this project is scheduled for October.  Elder Turner spoke of several larger facility needs, such as paving the parking lot, which will likely be broken down into phases due to cost.
  • Christian Education and Discipleship reported that Pauline King has been named as the part time Interim Director of Children’s Ministry.  After a long search process, it was found that Pauline’s background in education, particularly at the preschool level, and at the SPC Preschool, gives her a helpful perspective, and her experience will enhance the tasks and work ahead.  Among Mrs. King’s tasks are Sunday Discipleship, the SPC Preschool, the church nursery, leading Kids Alive, VBS and Christian Ed youth activities. 
  • Elder Scott Culley of Christian Education also shared that Sunday Discipleship Leaders are still needed for the upcoming year.  Recruitment of leaders continues.  Our annual Rally Day is planned for Sunday, September 8. 
  • Finance Ministry elder Carol Cosby reported that pledge revenue is down $46,000 this year, while operating expenses are at a $40,000 surplus, which helps offset the deficit.  Current pledge statements were mailed, and members are encouraged to make their pledges.  Elder Cosby shared that the 2020 Budget templates have been emailed to the ministry teams.  The first draft of preliminary numbers will occur on September 18.  Ministries were asked to provide their numbers to begin preparing the 2020 budget.  Elder John Pearson said our Head Teller, Ben McKeel, who has faithfully served for many years is stepping down.  A new Head Teller is being recruited. 
  • The Generosity Ministry has secured numerous hosts who have volunteered their homes for dessert/coffee gatherings for the church membership on October 27.  More homes are needed and Generosity currently is contacting members outside of the leadership group.
  • Youth Elder Beth Heavrin reported they continue to seek their part time interim Youth Director. As the new school year begins, they feel an even greater determination to find their candidate to lead our youth ministry.  Elder Heavrin asks for continued prayer for the ministry and the youth as they begin the 2019-20 academic year.
  • Elder OT Crowther reported for the Nominating Committee.  He reported that the slate of 7 members for the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee is now complete.  The committee will continue their work to seek nominees for the officers for the class of 2022.  Recommendations for nominees may be submitted to the nominating committee members.
  • Deacon Donna Broughton reported for the Diaconate.  She thanked the session for their approval of the upcoming annual event “Rise Against Hunger”, scheduled for October.  She also shared that SPC Habitat for Humanity teammate Scott Lau is being rercognized for his involvement with Habitat for Humanity.  Deacon Broughton also shared other Outreach related updates, with a full 100% sponsorship of Bright Beginnings Backpacks, and the Elijah House Sports Equipment drive.   The Members and Visitors will host a new Inquirers class this fall, and Pictorial Directories will be available in September.
  • Dr. King shared he has been asked to consider changing the 8:30am worship service to a 8:45am start time.  SPC held early worship at 8:45am some years ago.  It is felt that closing the time gap between the early worship dismissal and Sunday Discipleship classes at 9:45am may encourage members to stay for Sunday Discipleship.  This time change will begin on Rally Day, Sunday September 8.

The next stated Session meeting will be on September 22, 2019.