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Exploring Discipleship at Salisbury Presbyterian Church Class

Beginning Sunday, January 22, 2017, we will offer a 12-week Discipleship class (9:45-10:45 AM) that will serve as an introduction to Salisbury Presbyterian Church.  This class will focus on becoming an active disciple at Salisbury Presbyterian Church, providing a foundation to understanding our Christian heritage and a vision of who we, as a church, feel God calls us to be.  We will discover the rich history of God’s love for humanity and how we, as a denomination, came to be.  We will observe and engage in different ministries of the church and explore our spiritual gifts as we look for ways to get involved in the life and service of Salisbury Presbyterian Church.  Finally, and most importantly, we will try to discern why God might be calling us to this church and how we are called to be actively involved in her life and ministry.  The class is open to those exploring discipleship through Salisbury Presbyterian Church and current members.  Please contact the church office if you would like to participate in the class.