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Terms Defined

Are you confused about the lingo used around the church? Here’s your guide to the latest abbreviations:

A&E—Activities and Education building. Preschool meets in this building during weekday mornings, while adults use the second floor for Discipleship opportunities. The gym is located in the A&E building. Nursery is located in room 302 of A&E. Rooms are identified in the 300 and 400’s.

F&E—Fellowship and Education building. Children and youth discipleship classes meet in this building. Rooms are numbered in the 200’s. The Fellowship Hall is located on the lower level of this building.

Discipleship—refers to all education opportunities at SPC.

Sunday Discipleship—our equivalent of Sunday school.

Beyond Sundays—generally refers to programs and studies outside of Sunday morning.

Teaching Disciple—those who teach in the Discipleship ministry.

Rotation Model—the format of our children’s Sunday Discipleship, where children rotate between classrooms each week to hear the Biblical story in different ways.