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July 24th – August 26th

Giving of yourself is a commitment to Christ and shouldn’t be limited to the church. We should also invest in one another – with our time, talents and tithing.

Something as important as our faith is meant to be shared.

We’d like to encourage the SPC family to join us in sharing our journey of faith to friends, loved ones or complete strangers. All it takes is a little creativity and courage.

Here’s how it works: in the 33 days between July 24th and August 26th invest $33 in a friend, loved one or complete stranger to share your journey of faith. Then share your story. That’s it.

Be creative – meet for coffee, a meal, ice cream, pool your resources as a group – whatever you choose.

Where will you make a difference by sharing your faith?


Remember to share you stories in the box in the Narthex or on the SPC Facebook page.