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I wanted to let you know that we all arrived safely.  We have taken a wonderful tour of the city and are excited to start the rest of the trip.  We are extremely exhausted though.  Tomorrow we will worship with the church associated with Amazon Mission Fellowship, the organization that Medical Missions Inc. supports.  It was clarified me today how they operate together: Amazon Mission Fellowship is a group that unifies communities throughout the Amazon in Peru and connects with sister churches in the U.S.  Medical Missions Inc. helps build the infrastructure which is what teams come down to help with.  We will be working with a village off of the Amazon River this week: digging a latrine, building the house around it (this will be our bathroom while there, so we better build it first!), replacing some rotten planks of wood in the church located there, and then if we have time, painting the church.  I told Pam, the resident missionary, that I wanted our group to be sweating bullets because we´re working so hard, so she has assured me that we will be given a lot of hard labor.  What I am most excited about, is that we will be working side by side the villagers.  The group is getting along great and slowly getting to know each other more and more.  We can all feel the prayers that are being sent our way from Salisbury.  I will have someone different from the group write to update each day that we are here.  So for now, we send our love and continue to give thanks to God for all the blessings we are experiencing each day in Peru!!

The Rev. Mrs. Elizabeth McGuire