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Buenas tardes mis hermanos!

We have had another wonderful day in the mission field.  We were able to sleep in a little today as we didn´t need to leave for the port (named Bellavista Nanay) until 9 a.m.  We traveled for about 20 minutes down the Amazon River to a village named ¨Santa Clara.¨ This village is very different than Santo Tomas (where we were the past 3 days) as it has concrete buildings, sidewalks, and a bridge within the village.  Pastor German and his wife greeted us at the shore, and we trudged up VERY muddy rice fields before reaching the village.  We brought 3 boxes of eye glasses that another church had donated, and we set up our own make-shift eye clinic.  We had a couple of translators and treated about 50 people.  Most of them have trouble reading, so we were able to fit them for reading glasses.  Dr. Barnes was instrumental in seeing each patient and treating their specific concern.

Four of us began painting the windows, doors, and trims at the adjacent church.  Painting in Peru is no joke!  The texture of the paint is difficult, and the brushes are not well-made.  I will never scoff at painting drywall again!

We all had a great time coloring with kids, blowing bubbles, playing futbol (soccer), and just plain being silly!  Laughter crosses all language barriers, and we certainly had a lot of it today.

Pastor German was very thankful for all of our hardwork and dedication, and it was amazing for us to see his incredible faith.  Santa Clara is a tight-knit community, and they are all truly like family.

We each took time today to venture around the village, and Heather and I were greeted by an elder Peruvian lady who called us her "hermanitas" which means little sisters.  They quickly made us feel at home, and it was hard to leave this afternoon.

I do need to note that I was the only one that slipped and fell in the mud when we were trying to get back on the boat to head home!  I was lucky it didn´t take my shoe with it, and of course it gave everyone a great laugh.

We have a special Peruvian fish dinner planned for tonight, and I think we worked up an appetite.  We leave for Lima at 6:15 in the morning, and we´ll spend the day there shopping, sightseeing, and going out for dinner on the Pacific Coast.

Hope all is well at home and that you all have had a blessed week!  We can´t wait to see everyone at church on Sunday.  Muchos besos y abrazos!!!!

– Lauren