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INDOOR worship at 9 a.m.
OUTDOOR worship at 10 a.m.

Dear Salisbury Presbyterian Church Family,                                                  

I am very glad to inform you that the Session has approved our return to gathering together for worship. 

Registration is required to attend both onsite worship services (*UPDATE: registration is no longer required to attend either service; beginning 5/2/2021). We are seeking to gather under the safest conditions possible, so we ask that you please pay careful attention to the safety protocols noted below.

The service will feel different, but Christian worship services have been adapting for 2,000 years. This may all be new to us, but it is not new to The Church.

I am aware that for many it is not best to gather for worship. Please do what is best, you are still very much a part of our congregation! We will continue to provide an online service. If you have any concern about attending an onsite worship service, please worship online.

Seeking to be faithful to you and the Lord,
Rev. Dr. James C. King

Important considerations and instructions for everyone’s safety for INDOOR worship (scroll down for OUTDOOR protocols):

This service will be held every Sunday unless circumstance change.

Salisbury Presbyterian Church is excited to reunite in worshipping together, in person, BUT a given set of rules and guidance are in-place. These are hard and fast for your protection, the protection of others and the protection of SPC, so we can continue worshipping on a weekly basis. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration in following these protocols.

Make a self-determination if YOU are vulnerable, feeling ill or have a fever, have recently had surgery, or have a medical issue; if so, PLEASE STAY AT HOME for your own protection and the health and safety of others at SPC. Note: Online services will be continuing.

Cover your mouth & nose with a face mask. Face masks are required to attend either service. The only exception shall be the person speaking at the microphone as part of the Worship Service. Thereafter, they shall apply their mask. Look on the bright side. It will be fun to see all the various mask shapes, sizes, and colors!

If you need to cough or sneeze, please turn your face into your arm sleeve and reduce the impact of the cough or sneeze even though you are wearing a face mask. Thank you!

Maintain physical distancing. Maintain a minimum of 6-feet between you and others in ALL directions, Your own family members excluded, of course. Please begin distancing upon exiting your car, through the parking lot, sidewalks, Memorial Garden, Narthex, and Sanctuary. Only the main Narthex entry will be available for entry.

Only the Narthex, the Narthex bathroom and the Sanctuary areas will be utilized for the worship service. We are requesting that you not enter any other area of the church building during this event as they will be blocked off.

Do not shake hands, hug, elbow bump or make direct contact with others. Instead, hug yourself or create new ways to greet one another. You may start a new trend at SPC!

Doors open for seating 15 minutes before the service begins.

Hand sanitizer will be available in the Narthex, next to the Narthex bathroom door and at the back of the Sanctuary for your use.

The bathroom in the Narthex will be available for use during the indoor service. Hand sanitizer will be placed outside the door and disinfecting wipes will be placed on the sink countertop for your use and protection. Please thoroughly disinfect areas prior to use and after use for the protection of others and yourself.

Wash hands! We are all getting tired of hearing this, but besides wearing masks while out and about, this is the most important element of staying safe at SPC, home and elsewhere.

Registration verification. An usher will request your name prior to entering the Sanctuary and verify the number in your party relative to the online registration.

Please use the center aisle: Every other pew will be vacant and blocked off for seating. Please sit in the forward most available pew. There is a six foot long dowel in every available pew. If the pew is empty, please sit adjacent to the outside aisle and place the dowel next to you. If others are seated at the far end of the pew the dowel will indicate if there is enough space on the center aisle. Please remain seated throughout the Worship Service.

There is no singing. Please speak the items in unison in a soft voice with your mask on.

Offering plates will be placed at three locations in the back of the Sanctuary and Narthex. Your offering may be placed in the plate upon arrival or departure. You may also submit your offering online with instructions provided in the SPC Weekly Online Newsletter.

Length of service will be +/- 30 minutes long.

Departure will occur by the ushers dismissing each row from the back of the church to the front of the church. Please remain seated until your row is recognized for departure and be sure to maintain 6-feet between your family unit and another. The East side seating within the Sanctuary should depart out of the East Sanctuary Exit. The West side seating within the Sanctuary should depart out of the Main Narthex entry doors. The handicapped ramp is available for anyone who requires its use as no elevators will be utilized for the worship service.

For OUTDOOR service, please follow these protocols:

This outdoor service is our opportunity to worship in a beautiful, shaded space on the church grounds, where safety protocols can be readily followed.

Service will take place outside the front of the Salisbury Road church office entrance on a combination of the lawn and paved areas. The church building will be closed. There will be no ushers, no singing and no children’s activity packs. Bulletins will be available. Collection plates will be obvious. Services are limited to thirty (30) minutes. Hand sanitizer will be supplied.

The outdoor worship area is handicap-accessible only on the level areas of pavement. Please seek a suitable location where you can safely place your chair. Safe placement will be your responsibility.

Outdoor services will be canceled in the event of inclement weather, or state-mandated closing. Registrants will be notified by email if outdoor service is canceled.

Please don’t attend if you’re feeling unwell or have been exposed in the last two weeks to someone who was knowingly unwell with cough, sore throat, fatigue, chills, fever, or has tested positive for COVID-19. Also, if you know you are at high-risk should you be exposed to COVID-19, please stay home where you can watch the online service that will still be available.

Please bring your own sports or lawn chair and place it in a safe location.

We recommend using your home restroom before/after services, but outdoor porta-potties are available. You’ll need to wipe-down surfaces before and after using the porta-potties using supplies provided.

All worshippers over 3 years old must wear a mask (no bandanas, please).

All worshippers must maintain minimum 6′ distance from those with whom they are not already socially quarantined – this is your responsibility. It is your personal choice with whom you sit closely.

Please maintain 6’ social distance upon departure.

We ALL wish you a safe service at Salisbury Presbyterian. Welcome back!