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Do you remember when you first learned about God and God’s amazing love for you? Do you remember who taught you Bible stories and helped you navigate through some of those tough questions: “Why does God let people die?” “Who made God?” “Will I see my pet in heaven?” “Is Jesus God?” “Did Eve have a belly button?” “What do angels look like?” We can remember those teachers and mentors because our Christian faith is that important.  It is life transforming!

Throughout the year, we need disciples who are willing to share his or her faith to help others know God’s amazing love, to hear stories of God’s activity in the world through the Bible, and to help him or her see and feel God’s presence in the world in which we live. Whether you consider yourself young or old, new to the faith or a biblical scholar, we need YOU; our children, youth, and adults NEED you.  There is a place for you disciple-ling others in Christian Education & Discipleship.

Below is a listing of areas for you to engage in Christian Education & Discipleship at Salisbury Presbyterian Church.  When needed, the Church provides curriculum and resources in all aspects of our Discipleship ministry; we ask you to provide the relationship with those you lead.  Commitments vary from short-term (4-12 weeks to one event only) to long-term (9 months or longer).  Training opportunities are offered.  And when you commit, you become part of a larger team, seeking to serve and glorify God in all we do!

People of all ages need mentors. The rewards are tremendous. Not only do you grow in your personal faith by what you learn, you are creating a lasting relationship with God’s children.  After all, we are all children of God.  You can learn more about any of the opportunities, or get involved, by contacting a member of the Christian Education & Discipleship Ministry team.

“. . . Go and make disciples of all nations . . . teaching them to obey everything I [Jesus] have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Christian Education & Discipleship Ministry Opportunities

Serve on Christian Education & Discipleship Ministry Team

School Year Sunday Discipleship

  • Teaching Disciple – Adult Class
  • Serve on Children’s Rotation Writing Team
  • Teaching Disciple – Confirmation Class (Grade 8)
  • Confirmand Mentor – (Monthly, schedule flexible)
  • Teaching Disciple – Youth Class (grade 6-12) Preferred age group: _____
  • Teaching Disciple – Children’s Class (grade preK-5) Preferred age group: _____
  • Organize Art Supply Closet (monthly, flexible times, work independently of others)
  • AV coordinator (setup and break down AV equipment for Sunday mornings as needed)

Summer Discipleship (1-2 Sundays)

  • Teaching Disciple – Adult Class
  • Teaching Disciple – Youth Class (grade 6-12)
  • Teaching Disciple – Children’s Class (grades preK-5)
  • Prepare classrooms for fall program(s) (Includes organizing space and campus resources)

Pray-ground (during 11 a.m. worship service)

  • Supervise Pray-ground Table (grades K-2)

Nursery (Sunday mornings)

  • Coordinator
  • Helper

Special Seasonal Events (i.e. Easter Egg Hunt, Gingerbread House Workshop)

  • Coordinator
  • Helper

Vacation Bible School (1 week in summer)

  • Serve as Director
  • Set up/Clean up
  • Teaching Disciple (age group: _____)
  • Help with Crafts/Snacks

Beyond Sundays

  • Women’s Fellowship Circle
  • Prayer Shawl Circle
  • MinT (Mother’s in Transition)
  • Presbyterian Men (Deep Roots Ministry)
  • W.I.L.D Women (weekday evening Bible study)
  • Bible 101 (weekday morning Bible study)
  • Teach/Attend other weekday Bible studies (i.e. Advent Study, Lenten Study–schedule variable)

Kids Alive (Program for grades 3-5 meets twice monthly, Sunday evenings)

  • Leader/Advisor
  • Helper
  • One Week of Service

Bulletin Board

  • Help design/change displays


  • Lead Chapel Time (20 minutes Thursday afternoon)
  • Serve on Preschool Ministry Team
  • Read book(s) to children’s classes (September-May)