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Joseph’s Journey: A Recap

Day 4 – Freedom for Joseph: Pharaoh’s Dreams/Joseph in Charge  

Our story today begins with Joseph in jail.  If you remember from yesterday, Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph, so he was sent to prison.  While in prison, however, Joseph used his gift of dream interpretation.  It is that special ability that brings great rewards to Joseph today!

Pharaoh had a dream.  He dreamt of seven fat cows and seven skinny cows, and the seven skinny cows ate the seven fat cows.  Pharaoh was scared and confused.  He did not know what the dream meant, so he called his closest advisors.  When they could not tell Pharaoh what his dream meant, the cupbearer remembered Joseph who was still in prison.  Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream: The seven fat cows represented seven years of plenty, but the seven years of plenty would be followed by seven years of famine (the skinny cows).  The dream was a warning to Pharaoh – save food now to survive the famine.  Because Joseph helped Pharaoh with his dream, Joseph was placed second in charge of all of Egypt!

What a story of God’s love for Joseph!  Our story concludes tomorrow when we will discover what happened to Joseph’s brothers and father, and what became of their relationship.


Tomorrow when you bring your children or pick them up, please feel free to pick up the book, The Second Adventure Down Crunchy Road, by Al Schalow.   Al has donated this book to the children and it is free.  You will find copies in the main entrance to the Gym when you arrive.

Also, each morning children have the opportunity to watch a slide show of pictures from the previous day at Vacation Bible School.  These pictures are shown at 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary.  You are more than welcome to come by and see what they did.


Scripture: Genesis 41

Shops: Musical Instruments, Pyramids, Herbs and Spices, Papyrus, Perfume, Woodworking, Foil Tinning, Games

Egyptian School: Children discovered how God uses people, especially how we “grow” in our abilities.  Just as Joseph had abilities, each one of us is given special abilities that God can use!

Music: Joseph’s Journey theme song, “One True God,” and movements

Egyptian Café: fruits, baked bread, honey butter, vegetables, fava beans, yogurt

Egyptian Playground: Tug of War

Heifer project: Cow

A Mostly Silly Picture Day!

Day 3 – Joseph in Trouble

Being good can get you into trouble, or at least it does in Joseph’s case.  Sold into slavery, Joseph finds himself working in Egypt.  Scripture tells us that the Lord was with Joseph, and he became a successful man.  Joseph gained favor with his Egyptian master and is made overseer in his master’s house.  The Egyptian’s house was blessed, so Joseph is left in charge.  Great story so far, but then the cards seem to turn on Joseph.  His master’s wife makes an advance on Joseph, but Joseph refuses and runs away.  As he turns to run, however, she grabs his garment and pulls it off of Joseph.  Now, with Joseph’s garment in hand, she falsely accuses Joseph with this “evidence.”  Joseph is sent to jail.

Despite his circumstances, God continues to favor Joseph.  If we remember from day one of Vacation Bible School, Joseph interpreted dreams.  While he is in prison, Joseph interprets two more dreams.  The first is the dream of the pharaoh’s cup-bearer, the second that of the chief baker.  In both cases Joseph accurately interprets their dreams.  All he asked in return is that they remember him, and help him get out of prison.  Unfortunately for Joseph, the chief baker was killed and the cupbearer forgot about Joseph when he was restored to his position.  Joseph remained in jail.

It was not a good day for Joseph, but everything is about to turn for him in our story tomorrow.  His faithfulness to God and his integrity pay off as he finds favor with Pharaoh and sets course to save much, if not all, of Egypt.


On Friday, August 4, VBS will conclude with our “MARKETPLACE SALE!” Each apprentice has selected one item that they have made to sell to Marketplace visitors! This sale begins at 12:00 p.m. – and you’ll want to get there early for the best selection! Come support our children that have worked, played, and had so much fun this week! ALL PROCEEDS go to Heifer International for the purchase of a farm animal which provides far away villages with food – and reliable income through trade of agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey.  TOGETHER – WE have POWER over hunger and poverty!

Scripture: Genesis 39-40

Shops: Pottery, Herbs and Spices, Papyrus, Weaving, Woodworking, Foil Tinning

Egyptian School: Children ventured into the fields to see and pet the real live animals that represent the animals from so long ago! The sheep in our field were descendants of the sheep of Abraham! They have studied hieroglyphics and made pyramids in our own Hebrew School.

Music: Joseph’s Journey theme song, “One True God,” and movements

Egyptian Café: fruits, baked bread, honey butter, vegetables, fava beans, yogurt

Egyptian Playground: Tag with an animal variation!

Heifer project: Chick


 Day 2 – Sold

When someone receives a dad’s favor, then dreams – and tells his older brothers – that they will bow down to him, one might think trouble is looming around the corner!  For Joseph, trouble comes when he goes to find his brothers.  Jacob asks his son, Joseph, to go check on his brothers in the field; they are watching their father’s flocks.  The brothers see Joseph coming from a distance.  All but Reuben are ready to kill Joseph out of shear jealousy, but it seems God is watching out for Joseph and keeping him safe at every turn.  Instead of death, the brothers throw Joseph into a pit.

Now, while Reuben was away, some Midianite traders come and the brothers sell Joseph to them.   Reuben does not know that Joseph was sold, so when he returns and sees the empty pit, he assumes the worst; Joseph was eaten by wild animals.  To cover their tracks, the brothers take Joseph’s robe and spill animal blood on it, then report to Jacob that wild animals have attacked and killed Joseph.  His coat of many colors is proof that something bad happened.  Jacob’s lament is great, he mourns for days.

The story of Joseph could read like a modern day soap opera: favored son, special coat, jealous brothers, thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, presumed dead.  The story is only going to get better!  What we do hope children hear in this story is God’s amazing love.  Despite everything that happened to Joseph, God worked through him.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s story when Joseph gets into trouble . . . or maybe we should say MORE trouble.

Thank you for sharing your children with us today!  You can find additional Vacation Bible School pictures on the church Facebook page.


Scripture: Genesis 37:12-36

Shops: Pottery, Mosaics, Jewelry, Soap Making, Papyrus, Weaving, Woodworking

Egyptian School: Children learned about a trade in Egypt.  They also discovered the ancient pyramid.

Music: Joseph’s Journey theme song, “One True God,” and movements

Egyptian Café: fruits, baked bread, cheese, vegetables, fava beans, homemade dip

Egyptian Playground: Stacking Pyramid Race

Heifer project: Sheep

Day 1 – Loved & Gifted

Welcome to Joseph’s Journey, a Vacation Bible School adventure in Egypt as children discover the amazing life of Joseph.  From receiving a coat of many colors from his father Jacob, to prison and then to second in command of all Egypt, Joseph takes us on a journey of betrayal, darkness, faith, love, and forgiveness.  It is an important story of God’s love.

Today children heard the story of Joseph’s special gift, the ability to interpret dreams and how his father, Jacob, demonstrated his love for Joseph by giving him a coat of many colors.  Imagine the jealousy and rage of Joseph’s brothers, but Joseph was different.  I have dreams, but my dreams are not about the future.  Joseph, on the other hand, dreams of his brother’s serving him; older siblings serving a younger sibling was unheard of.  Preposterous, but the story of God’s love does not follow human standards.  God had a greater plan for Joseph.

To hear the complete story of today’s lesson, look up the Scripture passage below.

Thank you for sending your children to Vacation Bible School at Salisbury Presbyterian Church this week.  More than 80 volunteers are working to make the week exciting for more than 120 children!


Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11

Shops: Pottery, Mosaics, Jewelry, Soap Making, Papyrus, Weaving

Egyptian School: Children learned about Joseph and Egypt.  They also discovered the ancient writing of Hieroglyphics as they wrote their names using hieroglyphics.

Music: Joseph’s Journey theme song, “One True God,” and movements

Egyptian Café: fruits, pita bread, vegetables, fava beans, yogurt, honey, cheese, crackers

Egyptian Playground: Mummy Wrap

Heifer project: Goat