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I was thinking the other day, while I was trying to get volunteers to particpate in our mission opportunities, how much we depend on volunteers.  I can think of at least five people right now who volunteer their time and talents to this church.  They don’t get paid, they don’t get their own reserved family pew, but they do it anyway.  Its amazing how much smoother something can go if you have more people to help.  And if you think about it, the more people you have volunteering on any particular project, the less time and work is required of each person. 

Or think of the organizations in our country and in our world who fully depend on volunteers.  The soup kitchens, shelters, and Habitat builds.  The work mission teams do in underdeveloped nations, other states or their own cities.  What would we do without them and where oh where do they get the drive to just go and do it?  Something is pushing them, something is inspiring them.  If you read the book Three Cups of Tea or anything from Mother Theresa, what do you see?  You see passion and a Spirit that won’t give up.  A Spirit that can go all the way down to our bones and pick us up and push us, inspire us

We don’t help out with mission projects at SPC because we get some external reward, we do it because we’re called to do it.  We do it because we’re excited and want to do it.  We do it because the Holy Spirit rises up in us and finds the button on our heart that says, "GO" and pushes it!

Volunteers do indeed make the world go round and isn’t it a beautiful thing?