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“To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul.  O my God, in you I trust.”  (Psalm 25:1-2a)
The Advent season has had a growing importance to my life over the years.  Maybe it is because I have had to learn patience, the art of waiting even when the waiting can become so tedious.  The culture that surrounds us refuses such advice.  We arrange our lives around all the rush and roar of the season and when we finally arrive at the celebration, we are exhausted.  If Advent means for us to be prepared, spiritually and physically, then these are days to relish.  Waiting can be so important and so powerful.  Waiting teaches us surprise.  Waiting offers us the chance to examine our priorities.  Waiting can teach us to realize that we are not in control.  It offers the lesson of trust.  I have learned to relish these days, as the darkness grows longer but then suddenly turns brighter, for at the end of Advent’s reign there is a word of hope that is spoken in a whisper.  For unto us, a child is born!

Thanks be to you, O God, for the reminder to place our trust in you.  For these Advent days, give us the ability to wait in expectation for the good news of salvation through Christ.  Amen. 

The Rev. Dr. Lawrence R. Chottiner