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I just received an e-mail from our Director of Christian Education, Tammy Tipton-Nay, with an article attached.  It was from Wendy McCaig, the executive director of Embrace Richmond.  (You can find Embrace Richmond on our list of supported Street Ministries under the Outreach tab here on the website to learn more about it.)   

The article is from Wendy’s blog which chronicles the views she has from "both sides of the bridge".  She describes these views as such: "As a minister called to urban ministry in Richmond, Virginia, I often feel caught between two worlds.  The nice, safe, sterile, plastic, suburban world where the church feels more like a country club than the hope of the world and the messy, confusing, often frightening world of the inner city where I come face to face with Christ in the least likely of people." 

I have found that once someone comes face to face with the people Wendy is talking about, they are changed.  Its not enough to go to church every week wearing our Sunday best.  Its not enough to write a check to one of the deserving local agencies responding to those in need in our city.  Its not enough.  God comes a callin’ when we least expect it and its up to us to respond.

When Wendy was here representing Embrace Richmond at our SPC Fall Festival, God came a callin’.  She spoke with Tammy about the need to feed.  Tammy then lead a group of our church family out to Shalom Farms to harvest food from their organic garden intended to serve the hungry in the greater Richmond area.  At our request, Shalom Farms proceeded to donate all the food our church had gathered to the people supported by Embrace Richmond.  God came a callin’ and we came bearing fruit. 

I am so excited to see how church members coming together and going out on the mission field and I can’t wait to see more!